the cutest thing in this world

"hyung, let's take a photo!"

"kyu, it looks very good! i like it"

"don't disturb me when i'm singing or i'll kick you, hyung!"

"kyu, with that outfit, would you mind if you dance genie for me?"

lol they even doing Gee together!

very-handsome-dorky-kyuhyun + ultra-cute-adorable-sungmin = KYUMIN <3

LOL! i think i'm going crazy right now. but seriously, they're so cute together. evilkyu and bunnymin, i never can resist them!

it's too bad sungmin deleted his twitter when kyu got twitter. i can't see KyuMin tweet something like EunHae usually do /slap myself

i really like this photo. it seems like Sungmin says to Kyuhyun "don't be too close with Zhoumi!" LOL. jealous!min is always cute. i never hate Zhoumi, i even love him. but i don't really like when he being paired with Kyu because Kyu is belong to Sungmin! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA /being slapped

when everything related to KyuMin, it seems very hard for me to comeback into reality. i'll become a crazy fangirl raaawwwrrrrr~~

credits : photos are from http://fuckyeahkyumin.tumblr.com
million thanks to them because they provide soooo many KyuMin's stuff.

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