My First Time Joining Giveaway!

I'm gonna write in english because well... I'm joining international giveaways, if i write in bahasa indonesia, they won't understand. I'm really sorry for my poor english. YES YES I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS REALLY BAD. 

So, my dad cut off my monthly allowance since last semester and I've been really poor since then. That's why I decided to join any giveaway i can found lolololol. I'm really thankful for the generous people who held giveaway because omg you guys are my savior.

Okay, the first giveaway is October Pick Me Up Giveaway from Airi. She's a beauty blogger and she's really awesome! She will give Etude House Rosy Tint Rose! omgomgomg I really want that liptint! The color is super gorgeous and the packaging is really cute as usual. Kyaaaakk!!! Anyway, go check her giveaway by clicking this picture below.

The next giveaway is Birthday Countdown Giveaway from Camille. She will give a Nature Republic CC cream as the prize and guess what? We can choose which type we want! Awesome, right? I really want the color change type, because it has more coverage than the other type. Want to join her giveaway? Go go click this picture below!


Ok, wish me luck guyssss!!!!


Niat banget ya saya ikutan giveaway. Maklum, lagi kere to the max sampe saya lulus. Buat ke kampus aja susah, apalagi buat beli yang lain? Hahaha.

Bleeehhhh bahasa inggris saya kacau balau belepotan nyaahaaaahhhh. Maap yah buat yang sakit mata bacanya. Sori ya buat semua grammar nazi di seluruh dunia. Saya yakin kalian gemes banget buat ngebenerin. Wkwkwk.

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